5 Wealthiest Empires In World History

The elegance of ancient times is unimaginable, latest fashion styles for men often try to compete with the elegance and the ecstasy but fall really flat when actually compared to the opulence enjoyed by the man on the street in those powerful kingdoms. Many new fashion trends for men have been inspired from the Victorian or the Elizabethan era, we present you the five most opulent and powerful empires in recorded history.


1. The Roman Empire, 100 AD:

According to fortune, this empire commanded 25 to 30% of global output. It was transformed from a small republic to a superpower that enjoyed wealth, lavishness and was the center of trade, commerce, science and inventions.


1488 - 1


2. The Song Dynasty in China, 1200 AD :

This great empire of east accounted for nearly 25% to 30% of global output. The luxurious empire was largely an agricultural society that created one of the most magnificent civilizations the world had ever seen.

1488 - Song_Dynasty


3. Mughal Empire in India, 1700 AD :

The wealthiest, rich and splendid empire controlled 25% of global output. The late economic historian Angus Maddison, estimated that the per capita output of Mughal-era India was more or nearly equivalent to England or France at the time, in fact the Indian Ruling Class had more lavish lifestyle, grandeur and style to that of the then European society.




4. The British Empire, circa 1870 :

India became the turning point of British, by controlling 21% of global output and through extensive tax collection The British Empire dominated the globe economically without strictly controlling an equally large percentage of the global population. They primarily took advantage of technological boost from the industrial revolution and the aptitude for profiting from its colonial possessions.


1488 - British


5. The United States of America, circa 1950 :

Controlling 50% of global output, this empire rose to numero uno position till date. The saga began at the end of World War II, when the U.S. contributed half of the world’s economic output as most of the developed world’s economies had been destroyed by World War II. America became the largest economy in the world by late 19th century largely based on the strength of its large population, vast natural resources, and entrepreneurial spirit. In the middle of the last century, it became mightiest solely due to the wars.


1488 - United States