5 ways to ask her to marry you

Will you be my girl for the rest of the life? Say yes, because I need to know! When you start pondering over how to propose your ‘to – be – fiancé’ confusion usually cloud up the head. We know you want to make it special, but the question is how?

Here are a few tips to make you the man of her dreams:

1. Shout out loud:

Choose a place where you have wonderful memories or you met for the first time. Book that place or talk to the manager, instruct the waiters beforehand about your plan.  Tell your plan to the DJ and propose with her favourite song playing in the background! You use also ask the waiters to hold the placard with words ‘Will you marry me’.




2. Say it with Food:

Yes, if she is a foodie, then nothing like it. All you need to do is to know how to cook and if it’s very difficult for you just set up a hotel guy. Get the dessert or her favourite dish customized. Even a small gesture like Pizza saucin’ saying ‘Will You Marry Me’ will make her very happy.




3. Old is gold:

Place sweet notes in distinctive spots around the house. In every spot, compose something that you love about your sweetheart, and where to discover the following note. In the last note say “For all these reasons and more, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”




4. Make it big:

Most movie theaters have repeating advertising slides before the previews that can be purchased. Write her name up in lights, and be sure to get to the theater early enough.


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5. Memories Forever:

This is one of my favorite free marriage proposal ideas! A great way to capture that special moment is to propose in a photo booth! You’ll have the memories forever and it’s a much unexpected surprise.


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A marriage proposal hopefully will only happen once in your lifetime, so whatever you do just make it memorable and perfect.