5 Trendiest Police Cars In The World

It is not only the latest hairstyles and the new trend in fashion for men and men new style that catch everyone’s attention but also the fleet of supercars of the police forces of many countries that are outrunning the undeserving. We take a sneak peek into the world’s trendiest cop cars before they become the order of the day.


1. Lamborghini Huracán, Italy :

The Lamborghini’s one of the trendiest model, Huracán safeguards the Italian roads from the bandits at the top speed of 200 mph. This tailor-made supercar with V10 engine is fitted with gun holster, video camera, police radio and strobe lights.




2. Volvo V90, Sweden :

This is one of the grooviest cop cars that driven in Sweden, mainly used for the emergency purposes. With the rating of 9.2 out of 10 in local police car tests, this car also helps in medical emergencies that occur on roads. With the astonishing speed and unparalleled braking system this machine is the one of the trendiest police cars in the world.




3. Lykan Hypersport, Abu Dhabi :

Abu Dhabi police is known to acquire the fastest, smartest and the trendiest cars in its fleet to outmaneuver the thugs. Lykan Hypersport is one of the most expensive sport cars in the world as it can reach 0 to 65 mph in mere 2.8 seconds and has an astounding top speed of 245 mph.




4. Lamborghini Aventador, Dubai :

The other most popular city of United Arab Emirates, Dubai only inducts the most technologically advanced machines into its patrolling and surveillance arrangements. This car with the whopping cost of $400,000 and with the top speed of 217 mph is the cynosure of all eyes when it is on the roads to safeguard the populace.




5. BMW X5, England :

This one of the most sought-after SUV is part of British Police Department. This high-speed diesel wonder was a part of the London Olympic Torch Relay Protection Group.