5 Silly Reasons Couple Often Fight For

All couples fight about something or the other. Whether it is serious or casual the intensity of the fight with your partner may vary but it can’t be avoided. Even though you both fight in the name of fun—it’s still a “fight”. So what exactly do couples fight about? Below is a list of the silly reasons! And, if you are in a relationship currently, you’d agree.




Have a look:

1. Music In The Car:

Well, she likes jazz and you like metal rock—which means there is no in-between. While driving together, doesn’t the choice of playlist create a casual tiff? Sure, it does! You both get little frowns on your faces or even make an annoying growl. But this war never ends!


Image Courtesy: www.skierscribbler.com
Image Courtesy: www.skierscribbler.com

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2. Starting The Sentence With “You Always”:

Assumptions in a relationship are normal. But when you are trying to make a point in an argument, you often make the mistake of generalizing the situation—by starting your sentence with “you always”. Same is the case with your partner. You both don’t realize this but it happens all the time!


Image Courtesy: www.3elydn392n5m3p35uv1mwipek8n-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com
Image Courtesy: www.3elydn392n5m3p35uv1mwipek8n-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com


3. Television Viewing:

She wants to watch “Orange Is The New Black”, while you want to catch an on-going cricket match. It is impossible to win this fight unless there are two television sets. There is verbal tiff, angry looks are exchanged and if the situation worsens, you both end up spending the night in separate rooms.


Image Courtesy: www.optimisman.com
Image Courtesy: www.optimisman.com

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4. Social Likes & Dislikes:

This happens with every couple. You might want to go to movies but if she shows more interest in shopping or eating out—there ensues a massive scuffle. While the two of you will participate in both activities, there will be a certain air of annoyance and indifference which is hard to ignore!




5. Leaving The Wet Towel On Bed:

Most men do this. But women don’t understand the concept of leaving used towels on bed! If you also do this, then you would agree with a super pissed partner who is screaming at the top of her lungs—when she sees your wet towel.


Image Courtesy: www.tuesdayswithmarnie.wordpress.com
Image Courtesy: www.tuesdayswithmarnie.wordpress.com

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Did you know that you love your partner the best at her worst? Nope, it is not something that is coming from us directly. But if you happen to speak to some of the older couples—chances are they might say the same thing. So it’s okay, if you fight on such petty matters. It only makes the heart grow fonder.