5 romantic getaways for newlyweds

A candlelit meal in an ancient palace, a moonlit boat ride, your own private island—romance often blossoms in a magical setting. And if you are a newlywed, these all things are like icing to the cake.

Here are the 5 romantic getaways for newlywed:

1. Wayanad, Kerala:

Concealed amongst slopes that are thickly enhanced with mushrooms of trees, Wayanad near Kozhikode does equity to the expression ‘getaway’. A place that is generally untouched by human advancement, head here with your cherished one. Inundate yourself in the wild woodlands, sub-tropical savannahs, grand slopes and sprawling ranches.


Image Courtesy – http://mystikalindia.com/


2. Kabini:

The tranquil and charming stream of Kabini is an involvement in itself. Let the adoration bloom at this provincial land that holds the tribal life and natural life.




3. Poovar:

For a private time, take an adventure to the remote Poovar islands near Trivandrum. As you cruise away on the Neyyer waterway, you are invited by thick mangrove woods. Once here, laze together by the popular brilliant shorelines and take a visit to the elephant rock.


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4. Bekal:

Bond over nature. Bekal is a beautiful area specked with limpid backwaters, abundant slopes and a grand post where the furious waves of shining shoreline hit. Arranged at the slowing down backwaters of Kerala, are the rural estates that converge with the magnificence of its surroundings.




5. Vagamon:

Pine forests, deep valleys, mountain mists and pleasant weather, Vagamon is an exciting blend of religious mysticism and European legacy. A perfect place for romance!


Image Courtesy – https://www.keralatourism.org


Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Moreover, fall in love with each other every single moment you spend here!