5 Most Interesting ‘Earth-Like’ Places In Universe

There is possibly no end in the Universe, but there is Extraterrestrial explorers believe that there are some key places where life is the believed to exist. Astronomers and Astrobiologists have not only been inquisitive about these spaces but also have been actively tracking them. Going beyond the current fashion trends for men and the latest fashion trends men, we zero down to the places in Universe where life is probably at its full bloom.

1. LHS 1140b:

Recently in the journal ‘Nature’ this planet was labeled as the ‘rocky super-earth’. This planet is actually seven times the size of earth, that orbits around a red dwarf and is believed to have most appropriate atmosphere including water. According to experts, LHS1140b has a rocky surface with the iron core and is at an estimated distance of 39 light years from Earth.



2. Titan:

Titan is another of Saturn’s 53 moons, where astronomers believe that some form of life possibly exists. Titan holds the distinction in having earth-like nitrogen filled atmosphere, blue permanent hydrocarbon lakes, a nitrogen-heavy atmosphere, and a whole subsurface ocean beneath the salty crust. Titan is one of the prime targets for astrobiologists biological forms of life that depend on methane and water are widely believed to exist.



3. Enceladus:

Enceladus is the Saturn’s natural satellite that has been hotly debated to have features where life can comfortably thrive. Right from a subterranean ocean to hydrothermal activity, this place in Universe has areas where life could easily thrive beneath the icy crust.



4. Proxima-b:

Due to its orbiting speed, the planet that was discovered in August 2016 is believed to have hospitable conditions similar to that of the earth. This planet orbits around the star Proxima Centauri and many Astronomers strongly believe that due to the fact that the planet’s rotation is three times for every two times the revolution it hosts conditions that are just optimal for life to thrive. Proxima b is 4.2 light-years away from our sun.



5. Trappist-1:

This one of the latest discoveries of Astronomers where life is strongly believed to exist. This rocky planet is one of the seven planets that orbit around a cool dwarf star, having conditions that overpower other two planets that are located in the habitable zone.