5 Interesting Resolutions for the New Year 2016

So the year 2015 is going to end and the year 2016 is already knocking at our doors. You are looking back and wondering how quickly the year went by. At the same time, you are excited about the New Year as you try to imagine and decide what new things you will do during the year 2016.


Image Courtesy: www.upload.wikimedia.org
Image Courtesy: www.upload.wikimedia.org


Apart from that, you are also confused what resolutions you should make for the new year 2016. You don’t want to make the same resolutions that you make at the start of every year but are never able to keep them. Well, don’t worry, here is a list of five resolutions that are so interesting, you will make sure you don’t break them.


1. Keep a To Do List:

Your wife or girlfriend often complain about you forgetting important things and dates. In your defence, you are already burdened a lot with your professional duties to remember each and every thing. Well here’s a simple solution. For the year 2016, resolve to keep a To-Do so that you never forget anything ever again.


Image Courtesy: www.static.pexels.com
Image Courtesy: www.static.pexels.com

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2. Learn a New Language:

There is no particular age to learn. So, as a resolution for the year 2016, learn a new language. It will make you come across as more educated and intellectual. Moreover, when women will discover that you can speak a foreign language, they will find you more exotic and attractive.




3. Try an Adventure Sport:

All through the year, you usually play quite safe. However, this year, resolve to make an exception for once and go for an adventure sport. You may try bungee jumping, mountain climbing, sky diving, snowboarding, or sea diving. These adventure sports not just give adrenaline rush but also change the way you look at life.


Image Courtesy: www.upload.wikimedia.org
Image Courtesy: www.upload.wikimedia.org

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4. Live More in the Real World:

Our world is getting rapidly digitised each day but that doesn’t mean that we let it consume us. Therefore, as this 2016’s New Year resolution, decide to spend less time on social networking sites. Rather engage in real conversations with real people around you.




5. Volunteer with an NGO:

Often, at the end of a year, we wonder if we have lived the year enough. The answer that we get from within ourselves is often not to our satisfaction. To make sure that you don’t have this feeling when the next year ends, make volunteering with an NGO a resolution for the New Year 2016, and make a difference in somebody else’s life.


Image Courtesy: www.upload.wikimedia.org
Image Courtesy: www.upload.wikimedia.org

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So, aren’t these resolutions just interesting? We are sure these resolutions will make the year 2016 even more exciting and fun for you. Pick any, as many, or all, and promise yourself that you will do these things in 2016. Wish you a very happy new year 2016.