5 Economical yet romantic date ideas

The idea of a date brings to our minds a scene of champagne over a candlelight dinner, served in a fancy restaurant. And as soon as you realise how bank-breaking, pocket-cutting, finance-endangering it is to fall in love, you are already down to drains.

But hey, don’t worry, we have the perfect date ideas for you which are romantic as well as economical. Have a look:

5 Economical yet romantic date ideas

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1. Cook for her :

Why pay a third person for food when your skilful hands can do wonders! Plan a self-cook date for her at home and prepare something delicious. If you aren’t much of a chef, you can always look for easy to prep meals on the web. Remember to dress up in nice menswear!

Cook for her

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2. Plan an indoor-game date for her :

No matter how grown up you are, nothing beats the joy of playing chess, ludo, snakes n ladder, Chinese checkers and Carrom! So, invest a few bucks in these indoor games and get gooey over the chess board! Some pretzels and pastries will do the trick if she gets hungry. And yeah, let her win, it’s downright romantic!

Plan an indoor-game date for her


3. Take a bottle to the beach :

If you are one of those lucky people who live near the beach, then you never need to splurge on fancy date nights. Just grab her favourite booze and hit the beach at sunset. The whole aura of the sea and sun is so magnetic and enchanting; you wouldn’t feel like going back home!

Take a bottle to the beach

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4. Invite her over for movie & popcorn :

You know her movie-taste right? So, just download one of her favourite romantic classics and prep a popcorn bucket. This simple trick can get you an ideal date ever!

Invite her over for movie & popcorn


5. Plan a picnic with her :

Spare some time over the weekend and plan a fun picnic for her. Bring a basket full of her favourite berries and chocolates, and just relax in the green space!

Plan a picnic with her

You have already started to plan one of these, right! Well, if not, then don’t waste any more time and give her a perfect surprise this weekend!