5 Car Memories We All Have

What are the most awesome memories of your childhood? Going to school with friends? Summer trips with your siblings? Yes. But chances are most of them will be with your parents. And if we break the memories down even further, they will, more or less, involve your “family car”.




There is no doubt that you belong to a time and age where almost all families owned a car. You took various road trips as a child. You have enjoyed some of them. You have hated some. And then are a few of them that you don’t recall anymore.

Having said that, let us take a look at five “most common” memories that we all have with our car:


1. “Why Is The Moon Following Me?”:

This was during the time when you didn’t know the actual reason behind it. And you posed this question whenever you looked outside your moving car. Your parents would tell you an equally engaging story about the travels of the moon to keep you happy and most importantly, quiet.



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2. Fogging Up The Window Glass:

Writing your name or drawing clouds or sun on the car’s window was one of your favourite past-times during those long road trips. Almost every child has done it, at some or the other point. And it is something you even don’t mind doing even today.




3. Counting The Raindrops On The Window:

Or seeing them race against each other was something you actively did as a child. It was pretty interesting to predict which raindrop would slide down faster. You even placed a bet on the slowest or the fastest raindrop with your sibling or friends, right?



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4. Pretending To Fall Asleep At The Backseat:

Coming back home late in the night meant you pretended to fall asleep in the backseat. You were so tired that all you could was pray to God that somehow your parents fell in your trap. However, most the times, you did end up going inside the house on your own.




5. Changing Radio Channels Frequently:

Sitting in the passenger seat, alongside your father meant you could fiddle with the radio and change songs frequently. It irritated your father but he also knew it was one of his favourite moments with you in the car.



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Oh, the good old days! We all miss them, don’t we? Which are your most favourable car memories as a child? Do let us know in the Comments section. We are all ears!