5 Best Night Clubs In Moscow During 2018 Fifa World Cup

If you are planning to spend few nights in Russia, then you must be aware of the most active nightlife places in the country. Tune yourself according to the latest fashion for men and the men new style as we suggest you some of the trendiest bars in Moscow, as it is the best city in Russia that never sleeps.

1. Time Out Bar:

Located at Bolshaya Sadovaya, 13th floor of the Pekin Hotel in Russia this is one of the best bars in Moscow as endorsed by Tripadvisor. You can enjoy the cocktails from the terrace that will give you the mesmerizing view of the city or else stay at the indoor bar that has the beautiful decorations.to entice the crowd. One of the best places to unwind and relax, after the soccer matches.

Time out bar


2. Strelka Bar:

Located at Bersenevskaya embankment, this bar is located in the most “happening zone” of the city. You will find everything shops, restaurants, bars and clubs that will entice you for the night. Strelka will serve you with exotic sumptuous food at one of the best rooftop terraces. The best place to visit during the summers, as the bar will offer enough reasons for you to stay longer.



3. Icon Club:

Located at Bolotnaya Embankment, as a foreigner, you need to be extra cautious for the amount you spend on food, drinks, and accessories. Although this club can be rated as one of the best clubs to have fun, if you are not careful with your calculations, you will surely end up being overcharged. It is advised to spend less and enjoy more at the club.

Icon club


4. Bar Gipsy:

Located at Bolotnaya Naberezhnaya, this really a spacious bar to enjoy food, drinks, and music with your gang of friends. They have astounding DJ, VJ and crowd, that will unwind yourself on the dance floor. Although the prices are more than the average, with the decent crowd and electrifying atmosphere, it is worth it.

bar gypsy


5. Chips:

located at Kuznetzkiy Bridge, is simply one of the coolest places to dine in Moscow. The serenity in the atmosphere will attract you, as you can rejuvenate yourself after a hectic day. With spacious halls, melodious music, and mouth-watering food, you can click a lot of memories here!