4 Ways to Stay Cool this Summer

Summer is at its peak and each day is hotter than the next. People are frantically trying to keep cool in these burning cities and we’re here to help you out. From menswear that you should sport, to the food that you should eat, here are some tips that you can follow this season to stay cool:




1. Wear Loose & Comfortable Clothes:

Just because you follow the latest trends doesn’t mean you can’t find a comfortable way around it. Cargo shorts and printed tees are very much in fashion and such loose and comfortable clothing is perfect for this hot weather. Ditch the denims and full sleeved shirts for lighter clothing.



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2. Consume Cooling Food & Drinks:

Make things like watermelon juice, curd, mangoes, parts of your diet plan for men. Some food and drink items have cooling effects and will help you beat the heat in a yummy way!



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3. Get Rid of Extra Hair:

Get your hair trimmed and shave off your heavy beard or at least keep it too a minimum. A hot, scratchy full beard is very uncomfortable in the summer. Apart from your facial hair you can also use grooming products and trimmers to get rid of excessive body hair. Overall staying relatively hairless is more comfortable in the heat.



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4. Use a Cooling Deodorant:

After your shower use a cooling deodorant like He Ice Deo to keep cool. This type of a deodorant prevents excess sweat and keeps you smelling and feeling fresh throughout the day! Pick up your favourite He Deodorant and stay cool all summer!



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Beating the heat is important to stay comfortable through out the season and these tips and tricks are sure to help you out! Wear light clothes, shower often, use cooling deodorants, and eat cooling food and you’ll stay fresh and cool in this burning weather!