4 Signs that tell you have trust issues

Trust is the simple act of placing confidence in someone other than you. Guilty of spying on your sibling or invading the privacy of your better half, either way, you may have trust issues. There is a very fine line between being protective and having trust issues. However, that is not the end of your social life, these issues can be resolved through some simple therapies and guidance.

4 Signs that tell you have trust issues


1. Have a string of broken relationships :

It is likely that you have had a bad past, which maybe the reason it is overshadowing your present. If that is the case, you need to let bygones be bygones and move forward for a better life. However, if you are inconsiderate to others feeling on purpose because you are simply unable to trust them, you need to realize that it is not their fault. Understanding the situation and getting help to move forward is the first step you should take.

Have a string of broken relationships

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2. Lack of Intimacy :

Intimacy is more than just physical contact. If you have trouble making friends or confiding in peers, you may have trust issues. That is a very stressful phase because you have no people to vent your emotions to. Generally, past betrayals and disappointments play a vital role, so if that is the case you need to seek therapy or resolve it with the concerned person. Getting clarity and closure on topics that trouble you might help you get closer to people in general.

Lack of Intimacy


3. Commitment Trouble :

If you have trouble committing to a relationship or series of relationships, you may have trust issues. Being physically present in a relationship is of no use if you are mentally not there. Cheating on your partner or lacking the interest to settle down after spending a long with someone could be a hint that you are suffering. Take some time off, resolve your inner conflicts and come around because you don’t want to hurt the person who supported you through thick and thin. Well, if you still have trouble committing, follow your instinct and get some help from a recognized source.

Commitment Trouble

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4. A little too clingy :

In the beginning, you might think that your partner is enjoying your constant presence, however, some boundaries are always good. If you are in the phase where you constantly need to be with someone or check on them, you may have some trust issues. It could be anyone, your friend, family member or lover, trust is a core factor when it comes to maintaining relationships. You have to give space to the significant other for them to live a life of their own, without you being present all the time.

A little too clingy

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Trust issues are a baggage that you bring into a relationship without the consent of the other individual. It may be very tough for them to handle situations that your mistrust can create. It is very important for you to pick up hints in the beginning and work on them for a happy and comfortable life.