4 Indian Cities that are a Nightmare for Any Driver

Everything is fair in love, war and on Indian roads. Welcome to the subcontinent where every vehicle driver is Michael Schumacher in his own right. Get set for a joy ride amidst Zero use of Indicator lights, No lane Discipline and fake Hazard warnings to get through the jam!And if you are still a novice to the Indian freight, here is a list of 4 cities that are a nightmare for every driver.


4 Indian Cities that are a Nightmare for Any Driver

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1. Mumbai:

With the dubious distinction of being the worst traffic hit Indian city, AmchiMumbai is also one of the most polluted. A lot of it might be because of Bollywood fans following their favorite super stars for latest fashion trends here and there!



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2. Delhi-NCR:

Every Indian has a relative living in the capital. That because it is the safest and most welcoming city for both legal and illegal migrants. That and the fact that Delhi has maximum no. of per capita cars in India, make it the most polluted city in the world.



3. Bangalore:

The Indian Silicon Valley loves to fetch unregistered vehicles for its inhabitants. The awful road-quality and rising pedestrians make the commutation experience really painful and annoying.



4. Kanpur:

Like the black smoke from factories and industries wasn’t enough to make you die of choking, the rising traffic in Kanpur is all set to add more to misery. The traffic is such that vehicles practically crawl their way from A to B, making the pedestrians reach faster than cars.

Image Courtesy: Globetrotter
Image Courtesy: Globetrotter

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The old adage ‘Rules are meant to be broken’ must have been documented by someone victimized by the Indian road traffic.