4 Effective ways to control world’s population

The greatest impediment to any nation’s growth is overpopulation. It becomes a task for a nation to feed and accommodate people when overpopulation occurs. And when this problem occurs at a global level, you can imagine the circumstances! Hence, we need to adopt these four effective ways to cater to this major social and economic issue and make this world a better place to live.

4 Effective ways to control world’s population


1. Use condoms :

First and foremost, we need to address the problem of impromptu conceptions. Men often, in the wake of ignorance or pure disinterest, consign to oblivion when it comes to using condoms. Resultantly, thousands of children are born unplanned. If such a tiny tool can help us quell the problem of overpopulation, then why not!

Use condoms


2. Respect & empower women :

Men need to understand that women are not a baby-making machine. In the wake of physical pleasures, they are often abused and ultimately forced to bear the brunt of unwanted pregnancy. Women empowerment then becomes a globally significant issue, as this rather more powerful sex needs to be attended to respectfully.

Respect & empower women

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3. Spread awareness on Sex Education :

Sex is a highly overrated and puffed up recreation that does more harm than good. Shockingly, many adolescents who involve in sex aren’t even aware of the repercussions it can have. Sex education, thus, needs to be imparted at every possible level. It must be looked up to with dignity, like any other form of learning. Only when sex education will be promoted universally, will people understand it’s no big deal!

Spread awareness on Sex Education


4. Take firmest legislative actions :

The best example, in this case, would be China. The nation took the firmest decision ever in the case of population control- one child policy. For many years, Chinese citizens were not allowed to have more than one child and those who had; they were punished under the law. This robust step helped the nation control its massive population explosion phenomenally. Such unprecedented steps need to be taken up worldwide for better results.

Take firmest legislative actions

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Population control is an often ignored issue but is the need of the hour. By adopting the steps mentioned above, you can contribute to this social cause, and help your country grow.