4 Biggest Upsets In Fifa World Cup History

In one of the great World Cup Upsets the defending champions have crashed out of the tournament as South Korean players Kim Young-Gwon and Son Heung-min scored the impressive goals in injury time that led the German team to exit in the opening round first time in 80 years. Moving over from the latest fashion for men and the new fashion style for men, we take a look some of the biggest upsets in World Cup history.

1. North Korea’s win over Italy:

In 1966 World Cup, North Korea also shocked the soccer fans by defeating Italy, one of the most favorite teams by 0-1. While the impressive goal was struck by not-so-popular North Korea’s Pak Doo-Ik, the more famous Italian players including Gianni Rivera, Sandro Mazzola, and Giacinto Facchetti helplessly watched their team’s defeat. Interestingly, the defeat led to widespread public outrage resulting in the pelting of eggs on the home team’s arrival.

2946-North Korea win


2. Algeria’s win over West Germany:

In 1982, the World Cup also opened with a surprise, as Argentina lost to Belgium by 0-1, but a bigger shock was West Germany’s defeat by the first-timers Algeria by 1-2. Lakhdar Belloumi, who was later awarded as the African footballer of the year scored the second goal, 60 seconds after the equalizer by Germany’s Rummenigge.



3. Cameroon’s win over Argentina:

In 1990, the African nation stunned the football fans across the world by defeating the reigning champions Argentina by 0-1 that was led by the great Diego Maradona. Cameroon’s François Omam-Biyik, who scored the marvelous goal remarked after the match “No one thought we could do anything here against Maradona, but we knew what we could do, we hate it when European reporters ask us if we eat monkeys and have a witch doctor. We are real football players and we proved this tonight.”



4. Senegal’s win over France:

In 2002, Senegal, the first-timers had stunned the world champions France, in one of the greatest upsets in World Cup history. The credit goes to the midfielder Pape Bouba Diop who scored the decisive goal of the tournament after 30 minutes. France national team’s vulnerability was highlighted by the Zinedine Zidane’s withdrawal after an injury.