4 Best Countries For You To Retire

It is well-known fact that by living in a foreign land after retirement not only offers you a chance to experience the different cultures but also offers you to extend your hard-earned savings by taking benefits of the low cost of living. To rate the different countries that are best for retirement, International living uses a scoring system that is based on various parameters that include the following

  • Ease of buying and owning a property
  • Cost of renting the owned property
  • Amount of benefits you get on health care and entertainment
  • Ease of visa and residency requirements
  • The basic cost of living
  • Kind of culture and lifestyle of people
  • Leisure recreational amenities
  • Overall development and infrastructure
  • Weather and climatic conditions
  • Economy and Political situation

1. Costa Rica

This should be the most preferred choice for your retirement, especially if you want a satisfying, healthy and enjoy latest men fashion trends and lifestyle. Costa Rica is a picturesque location that actually rates highest on parameters such as health care, amenities, and healthy living! According to available data, the consumer prices are 24% lower than the U.S. average, moreover, you can own a home at $50,000 in the best location.



2. Mexico

The best country that combines new fashion style for men with traditions, with soothing climate and nearness to the US will give you enough reasons to leisurely spend your income on abundantly available entertainment facilities. According to laws, people who retire are issued a temporary or permanent resident visa depending on the financial obligations you meet.

5 Best Countries For You To Retire


3. Panama

One of the best places to retire in the world, as this place is not only being surrounded by the natural beauty but also offers your majestic lifestyle and wonderful people. The simple lifestyle that is approximately 46% lower than US average will make you enjoy numerous benefits during your retirements such as such as huge discounts on entertainment and also on airfare, local transportation, and hotel stays! There is also 100% duty exemption on the purchase and/ or importation of a vehicle for every two years.



4. Malaysia

Malaysia is the best Asian city to retire that will surely amaze you with its beaches and the ultra-low cost of living and a sufficient load of amenities. You can easily sustain your living in a one-bedroom apartment as low as $400 a month and have loads of fun, relaxation, and contentment. No doubt you will also find lots of places to satisfy your hunger through numerous options available in this gourmet’s paradise