3 Things Every Father Should Teach To His Child

There are innumerable things that a father teaches his child over his life right from etiquette to basic values in life. Lessons learned by children are remembered for their lifetime, hence let us focus on the 3 most important lessons that every father should be taught. Moving beyond the latest trends in fashion for men and men new style let us look at those important lessons.


1. Everyone is unique, including them :

We must teach children that everyone in the world is unique and possess strengths and weaknesses. All of us have the capabilities to achieve our goals in life if we stay focused, determined and sincere. We must share with them the case studies of people who overcame various difficulties in life to develop their abilities, skills, and talent. We must also make them believe that more than luck, hard work, and preparation towards specific goals matters in life. While most people take shortcuts to success, on the contrary, we must enjoy the entire journey with patience, self-control, and self-confidence.




2. Hate the sin, not the sinners :

In a world where corruption, cheating, and dishonesty is on the rise, we must teach our children to spread love, peace, and happiness in the world. This essentially begins by believing in the fact that essentially all people are good and children of one god, it is only that they learn the wrong things due to various reasons that they start committing mistakes and crimes. Hence, we should teach them to always bestow the feelings of love instead of hatred towards others. We must encourage them to go through the informative documentaries and literature that enhance their thinking skills in this direction.




3. Taking control of our thoughts :

The most important practical lesson that must be taught to kids is the way to control our thoughts in mind. Starting from the kind of information they feed into mind to the kind of friends they converse, they should realize that for every piece of information is stored, processed and utilized by our mind. Hence, they should not only consume the suitable information but also keep checking every thought that thinks in their idle time. Instead of thinking negative about any situation or person, they should see the positive side by believing in the fact that “everything happens for the good”. Thinking right thoughts also mean to keep doing the right associated actions, in the right direction according to laws and our goals, values, principles in our life.