3 Most Auspicious Dhanteras Gifts To Buy

Dhanteras marks the starting of the Diwali festival for the Hindus. On this day people buy the sculpture of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi to worship them, doing so is believed to make that individual wealthy.
On Dhanteras women go to the jewelry shops to buy gold or silver which is also supposed to help them have good fortune. Women also buy a piece of utensil as it is also associated with luck. Here is a list of three most auspicious Dhanteras gifts that an individual can buy.


1. Silver shagun coins :

These are the most auspicious gifts to buy this Dhantreas. Purchasing them especially on this day is a sign of good luck. These coins are not very expensive and can fit into the budget of many individuals. They mostly come with an indented image of goddess Lakshmi on one side and an image of Lord Ganesha on the other.

Silver shagun coins


2. Decorative silver-plated glass set :

A new trend in fashion for people is to buy a set of silver glasses. These glasses mostly come in a set of two in a stylish velvet box. This glass set is uniquely designed with a well-crafted external layer.

Decorative silver-plated glass set


3. Gold :

Buying gold on Dhanteras is considered extremely propitious is among the latest fashion trends for men today. While men prefer Gold coins, women are more inclined towards their choicest jewelry items.