10 Things Women Can Do To Make Their Men Feel Special

Even though they go through hell every day, men don’t complain. They rough it through the day and are still calm at the end of it and are home with a smile on their face. So it is only fair that they get to put aside one day that is all about them. A day that is dedicated to them and celebrates being a man. That day is coming soon and it is up to the ladies to make the men feel special on their day. If you women don’t know where to start, here is a list you can refer to.

1. Prepare Breakfast:

What better way to start a day than by making your man some breakfast. And not just some regular breakfast, make something that he simply loves, something indulgent that will make him feel special. It could be pancakes with maple syrup or even fried bacon with a cheese omelette, but it has to be special.




2. Let Him Take His Time:

Every day when he is getting ready for work he is in a hurry because you are probably asking him to speed up every minute. But for this one day, let him take his time and get ready in peace. You could probably help that by getting ready before him or after. Either way, let him take his time.




3. Match His Fashion:

Just like women, men too have a colour that they prefer over all others. So the least you could do is pick out something that he loves to wear and compliment his style with something similar or something contrasting that goes with the flow or how about showering him with some love by wearing blue this International Men’s Day.




4. Gift Him Something:

Whether it’s a smart watch or a tie he has been eyeing, there will be something on his mind that he wants but doesn’t have the time to buy. Make his day special by gifting him something that he wants rather than something you think he needs. It may be something as silly as a video game CD, but as long as he wants it, the gift will be special.




5. Chauffer For The Day:

Most of the time it is your man driving you around to where you want to go, not because you can’t drive, but because he doesn’t want you to stress out in traffic. But you could reverse the roles by letting him relax and driving him around for the day. He will surely love and appreciate it.




6. Let It Go:

Needless to say, even the classiest of men make mistakes, and that too silly ones. But just for this one day, we ask women to find it in yourself to let it go. It won’t be easy, it won’t even be logical, but you need to let it go. Even if he leaves his wet towel on the bed or has left his dirty shoes and smelly socks all over the house; let it go.




7. Surprise Dinner/Date:

One of the best ways to make the day special for him is to plan a surprise date to his favourite restaurant or for something he loves to do (paintball included). Blindfold him and drive him to the restaurant, take him to whatever place he loves the most or prepare dinner at home and give him a special evening he won’t forget.




8. Watch Something He Loves:

Every guy loves movies, be it the classics or the latest superhero movie, he definitely has a favourite. Figure out what he loves, rent the movie, make some buttered popcorn, prepare his favourite drinks and dim out the lights to give him the perfect movie night. He will love it.




9. Butler For The Day:

Be his butler for the day and do whatever he wants. Whether he wants to be driven around or asks for the TV remote which is two feet away from him, do it. Let him sit back and relax on the day that is completely dedicated to him. As an added bonus you could dress up as a butler, but we leave that choice upto you.




10. Free Pass For The Day:

Let him do whatever he wants. It’s as simple as that, you don’t even have to do anything, just let him do whatever he pleases. Whether he wants to sit around playing games, go shopping, roam around the city or simply go chill with friends; give him a free pass to do whatever he pleases. This freedom that you will have granted him is something he won’t forget and will always cherish.




There are so many more things women can do to make this International Men’s Day a special day for their guys, but these 10 are the first things that came to our mind. If you have any quirky, silly or simple way you will be celebrating this International Men’s Day, share it with us in the comments. Don’t forget ladies, your men are special, make sure you let them know.