Your Guide To Picking The Right Deo

Deodorants are a must for every man. You can’t get away with just using perfumes and colognes, especially if you have body odour problems, which everyone does have at some level or the other. With the huge variety of deodorants available in the market, here is how you should go about buying one:




1. Sweat:

If you are extremely sweaty, or if you are a gym freak, then you should consider going for an antiperspirant rather than a deodorant. They are almost the same thing, except that antiperspirants go a step further and instead of just masking the smell, try to stop your pores from sweating in the first place.



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2. Skin:

If you have a sensitive skin that gets irritated quickly then you should find an aluminium free deodorant. You can also use other grooming products that will help you get rid of the itchiness or inflammation of your skin.


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3. Scent:

There are scented and unscented deodorants available. If you don’t want any smell in particular then go for the unscented ones. Otherwise choose a nice, musky smell, but make sure that it matches with your body chemistry and doesn’t react badly to your own original smell. You can pick the best deo for men in India.


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4. Application:

There are many types of applicators available, like roll-ons, sprays, and gels. Experiment a little and pick whichever is most suitable for you to use. Sprays are usually most widely available and also the easiest to apply.



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You may know how to groom well, but it is also important to smell good. Picking the right deodorant will help you for a long time and you can keep buying that brand if it works for you.