Worried About Bad Hair Day During Independence Day Celebration In Office?

Like the entire nation, corporate offices to are gearing up for Independence Day celebrations. Tricolour themed decorations have already been put in place in most offices and employees have been instructed to dress according to the theme. Now this is one of those rare days in office when you have the license to try a new style in office. Most of you must have already decided how to groom and have also been planning to try a different hair style this time. But if the thought of a bad hair day is worrying you, then here is a four step guide to have a flawless hair day by learning how to style hair for men.



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1. Oil a Night Before:

Oiling is very essential for your hair, but unfortunately it is something that you ignore most of the times. It nourishes them, makes them stronger and shinier, and also prevents them from looking dry and rough. But certainly, you cannot oil your hair and move around the city, so the best solution is to oil your hair a night before you have to attend the Independence Day Celebration in office.




2. Wash and Condition:

Get up early that day and spend a little more time in the shower than you usually do. Shampoo your hair properly and wash them off all the oil and dirt. Then apply conditioner and wash after 5-10 minutes. This will make your hair smooth and more agreeable to styling. If you condition then you won’t even have to worry how to do hairstyles for short hair.



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3. Blow Dry:

Don’t keep rubbing the towel on your head incessantly, instead use a blow drier. Dry them in the direction you want to part them. Use a comb to move them in the right direction. Check the heat level. Too much heat can damage you hair, so if it’s hurting, then discontinue using the hot dry option. Make sure your hair doesn’t run too haywire and all over the place during the process, otherwise, styling them might get a little difficult.



4. Comb and Set:

This step should be followed immediately after you are done blow drying. Comb your hair in the direction and style you want. Spend some time on it and make sure your hair look exactly the way you want. Once you have got that perfect look, just take a dab of hair gel or hair wax and put it on your hair. This will make sure that your style doesn’t get messed up later during the day.



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Bad hair day is every one’s nightmare. These tips are comprehensively sum how to groom hair and can help save you from one on the day of Independence Day celebrations in office. Otherwise too, if you follow the four steps of styling your hair, you can be saved from many embarrassing bad hair days.