Women Grooming Products That Men Can Also Use

Men have become increasingly conscious about their looks. Nowadays, they resort to all kinds of “beauty” regimes to look handsome and presentable at all times. There is a misconception that men stick to only “manly” grooming products.




But in reality, more and more men are resorting to using women beauty products to keep their complexions clear, wrinkles away and skin moisturized. So if you are a man who feels the need to go the extra mile to look his best, here are various women’s grooming items that you should consider:


1. Women’s Razors:

Shape your high-street stubble or trim your facial hairs with a women’s razor. If you want to shave your chest or the ankle area then these razors provide better results as the blades are softer and target a bigger surface area. This ensures fewer strokes and less irritation.



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2. Lip Balm:

Who said only women get chapped lips? Men too require some sort of balm to soothe the skin of their lips. Interestingly, there are not many men-specific lip balms in the market. But there is a complete range for women! If you don’t want a lip balm that gives a tint or shine, go for a matted one.


Image Courtesy: www.daman.co.id
Image Courtesy: www.daman.co.id


3. Moisturizer With SPF:

Well, that’s what most women prefer nowadays. Men often don’t use a moisturizer, let alone sunscreen. This 2-in-1 grooming product is a boon for them – as they don’t have to worry about stocking up on two products. Men can keep their skin hydrated and protected against the sun with this single product.



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4. Face Masks:

They are a great option to calm down an irritated skin and soothe any redness from harmful skin exposure. If you deal with frequent acne breakouts, oiliness or flaky skin, then face masks will surely provide relief to your face thanks to its cooling benefits.




5. Conditioner:

Who said conditioner is just for the scalp? If you have a beard with dry, prickly facial hair, then there’s no harm in conditioning those parts of your face with this grooming product. Don’t apply it daily. 1-2 times per week would ensure a softer stubble.



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Next time you are on the lookout for a product in the men’s aisle, don’t forget to check out women’s section as well. You never know you might find something suitable for yourself!