Winter Love for Your Feet

If there’s one part of the body that is vying for attention, it has to be the feet that are mostly cocooned in snugly socks and shoes, thus making it difficult for one to notice any signs of neglect, till it is too late. Our feet work so hard transporting us from place to another, day in and day out so it’s only fair that you show them some extra love, especially during the winters when they have to slog it out in the chilly weather.

Cover up

Keep your socks on — not just when you’re stepping out, but even when at home and at night. Warning: Don’t repeat your day socks while climbing to bed. Change into a fresh pair for the night, or you risk ending up with fungus feet over a period of time.




Hot shower ban

Don’t subject feet to drastic temperature changes by drowning them in a tub of hot water all of a sudden. Go slow. Sudden and extreme change in temperature can cause chilblains, a condition that arises due to extreme temperatures that can cause the blood to start flowing so quickly that the blood vessels around it can’t keep up with its pace. It is advisable to dip your feet in lukewarm water for a longer period than opt for a short dip in steaming hot water.

The ritual

A basic foot care regimen will go a long way in securing happy feet. As hard as it may be to do, take the effort to get your feet off the comfort of socks and shoes once a day or when you’re back home to wash, dry, exfoliate and moisturize them. The sole area is notorious for attracting a build-up of hard skin which gives way to painful cracks during winters.




For those troublesome twosome

If you have feet that are easily prone to attracting a fungal infection, keep a pack of foot wipes and medicated foot powder handy. Use them when you sense a foot stench due to keeping your feet covered for long hours. Follow it up with a generous sprinkle of the medicated foot powder and you will have succeeded in nipping the root cause of fungus at the bud.