Winter Care Tips for Your Hair

Hair is very fragile and it takes a toll during winters and goes through a hard time. Hair becomes dry and difficult to manage in winter. Also, the scalp gets dry and flaky which leads to hair fall. Since the weather during the season remains unkind to hair, it is important to take care of it.

Now that winter is just round the corner, follow these tips this winter and be stress free.

Get a head massage

During harsh winters, opt for head massage at regular intervals. Use almond oil or olive oil to restore moisture to your scalp and prevent dryness. Massaging your scalp with finger tips will improve blood circulation and also secrete natural oils, thus strengthening your roots which will prevent hair fall.




Wash your hair regularly

Usually people avoid washing hair during the cold weather, but it is important. As your hair is exposed to winter breeze, it may lead to hair rigidity and eventually hair-fall. Also, if dust and grime accumulates at the roots of your hair, it can cause hair-fall. Always try to keep your scalp clean and therefore wash your hair every day or every alternate day.





This is extremely essential. Shampoos often strip your hair of moisture in the process of cleaning your hair. To improve elasticity of your hair, always use a good conditioner every time you wash it. It also protects your hair from the harsh wintry breeze and makes it easier to manage.




Pat dry

Avoid rubbing your hair with towel and just pat it dry. The best thing to do will be to let your hair dry naturally. Rubbing your hair with towel will weaken the roots and make it fall.  Also maintain a healthy scalp as this will make your hair strong and shiny.




Keep your hair well maintained and it will make you look attractive. Following these simple tips will pave the path for healthy looking hair this winter.