Why you should get rid of your long hair

As another summer season approaches, we clean out our wardrobes making some place for those comfortable t-shirts and shorts we missed so much. Well, our wardrobes are not the only things that get a makeover in summer. With every season a new fashion evolves and so do we. Hairstyles play such an important part in summers and its time to get rid of those locks for a cool hassle free summer.

Why you should get rid of your long hair


1. Cons of long hair in summer :

Every time a pimple pops up on your face, you blame the heat. Well, it’s not just the heat or dust that cause acne and blemishes on our face. Clean hair plays a very important role when it comes to a clean face and fighting off pimples. Unless you have hair sewn onto your scalp, they are bound to fall. These hair follicles have oil and dust that get transferred to your face and cause acne. It is best to keep short hair in summer because it requires low maintenance and keep you feeling cool.

Cons of long hair in summer

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Long deadlocks need proper maintenance and have to be washed regularly. Too much of sweating may require washing your hair almost every day that might damage the quality and texture of your hair. It is also oddly satisfying to head over to the barber and getting all your hair cleaned up for a fresh hassle-free look.

Cons of long hair in summer2

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2. Pros of short hair in summer :

Gone are the days when locks would get all the girls swooning over you, especially not in the heat when your hair get sweaty and oily! Summers are all about being active and social but in the heat, which is why short hair is the new trend. If you want a quick and easy way to handle your hair, you should visit your barber this summer. Less hair means you will feel cooler and now there are an array of short hairstyles you can choose from.

Pros of short hair in summer

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Go for a bold, playful bare look or style it with cropped designs. Pick styles that are short on the sides and back, while an easy to manage length on the top. This will prevent sweat trickling down to from your forehead to your eyes.

Pros of short hair in summer2


Despite the ever-increasing popularity of ‘man bun’ it has a lot of flaws, especially in the warmer months. Consider a short-textured cut that needs little maintenance, because whether you have dense hair or thin hair, heads do make an impression. So get a short hair cut to feel confident, cool and comfortable in the heat.

Pros of short hair in summer3

So yeah, go to the salon today, and got a nice and neat haircut. Even women like short hair.