Why Men Who Smell Good Are Admired

Why do you spray deo or wear nice perfumes? To hide the embarrassing smell of your sweat, right? However, this shouldn’t be your only reason for smelling good. Men who smell good are admired a lot. Even women prefer men who smell good over men who don’t; and it does make sense. Nobody would want to be around a partner who stinks perpetually, imagine how it could ruin a romantic date or a sensual session. On the other hand, imagine how your love life can become better by simply smelling good. So, Let us discuss how men who smell good are admired.



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Smelling Good and Its Effects on Women:

TV commercials usually tell us that women get turned on by a man’s aroma. This, however, is only half truth. Your fragrance is more of an add-on or say, a catalyst. Let’s say, when you go out on a date, the first thing that she notices about you, even before you start speaking, is your smell. If you smell good, you will create a good impression on her; and a lot has already been said about your first impression being the last impression. A woman will judge you on your mindset towards women, and a good fragrance will make you score a handful of extra points. Especially if you use the He Respect deodorant, that is a perfect blend of smelling good and showing respect for women.



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Making Your Fragrance More Noticeable:

Use fragrant products like strong smelling aftershave, body splash, cologne and scented hair mousse along with the usual deodorants and perfumes that you wear. Dab the products in specific spots of your body and in such a way that things do not appear ‘too much’ for the fairer sex. Women just notice the aroma, they don’t care about the source. Try to give the feeling that nothing has been done consciously, and it is the smell of the fragrance you applied yesterday that has kept you aromatic ever since then! Believe us; she might agree on a second date, just to relish that fragrance again.



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Understand the importance of smelling good, as discussed above, and implement it, we wish you best of luck for your next dating session.