Why a Packet of Chewing Gum Should Always Be in Your Pocket

Health experts often tell you to keep a packet of condoms in your purse or pocket. Similarly, grooming experts recommend you to carry a packet of chewing gum in your pocket wherever you go. It is true that you might be carrying a number of grooming products in your bag, but even when you are carrying no bag or grooming products, you must always carry a pack of chewing gum with you. Here are the reasons why.



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1. No Thinking Twice Before Having Onion And Garlic:

You might have forsaken a tasty dish only because it contained onion and garlic, and you don’t want your breath to smell bad afterwards. Carrying a chewing gum will rid you of this problem and you will be able to relish anything you like.




2. Always Ready For A Kiss:

In case you are on a date, and things get exciting, there should be no obstacle for you to take things forward with your date. Since a kiss is one of the first steps towards intimacy, you need to make sure that you smell good before you start kissing; the best way to ensure this by consuming a chewing gum.



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3. Never Sitting Totally Idle:

When friends make a plan to hang out together, it often happens that somebody or the other is late and others have to wait for him or her. This wait is often unbearable. More so, if you have to wait for a date. However, this wait can be made bearable and fun if you consume a chewing gum while waiting.




4. Drink Beer, Without Fear:

Many of you might fear consuming beer or any other alcoholic drink due to the smell it gives your breath, and which becomes a problem for you if you have to go back home to your folks after a party. Moreover, this is India, and alcohol, even though widely consumed, is still a taboo here. So better stay safe, take chewing gum after consuming alcohol.



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You certainly might love chewing gum, but carrying a packet of it with you always is a smart decision that can rescue you out of many situations. We have mentioned four such situations here, start carrying a pack with you and discover more such reasons of carrying it with you.