Wear Your Cologne Right!

Have you gone out with your buddies only to have a friend walk in with a cloud of overpowering, musky fragrance? The way you smell goes a long way in making that first impression. However, there are many men who just don’t know how to wear their cologne right. Here are a few tips that will help you make that lasting impression…

Try It On:




Always try on cologne before you buy it. Never judge how a cologne will smell on your body by sniffing a strip of paper or based on another person’s opinion. It’s best to spray it on your wrist to test. Wait for a day before you actually buy expensive cologne for the first time. You will come to know how long it lasts or if there is any allergic reaction.

Timing is Everything:




Just like with other things, the timing to apply perfume has to be right to have the desired effect. The best time to apply cologne is after a hot bath. The hot temperature and the steam open up the pores and allow the scent to soak in. And this makes it last longer.

Avoid Overkill:




Never overdo the cologne. Nobody likes a person who abuses their olfactory senses. It will probably make them cringe rather than appreciate the way you smell. All you need to do is spray little cologne behind the ears, on the wrists and at the base of your throat. Let people come close to you and realize that you smell good.

Know Your Skin Type:




When applying cologne, it is imperative to know your skin type. Oily skin retains the scent for a longer time and need less reapplication. But dry skin absorbs the scent faster and needs reapplication. Knowing your skin type helps you make the scent last longer.

Don’t Mix Scents:




Most men’s grooming products like aftershaves and moisturizers are scented, but the thumb rule to follow is not to mix fragrances. Mixing of scents causes a sensory overload and can be quite a disaster.

 Wear the Right Scent for the Season:




Scents are intensified by heat, so strong perfumes are best avoided in the summer. Go in for light, citrusy scents in warm weather. Full-bodied spicy and woodsy fragrances can be over-powering during warm weather and are best left for winters.

Don’t Stock Up:




It is good to have a range of colognes and most men keep a stash in their cupboards. But remember colognes have a shelf life, even the unopened ones. So don’t buy more perfumes than you can use.