Ways to Fight Wrinkles on Your Face

Every ageing man should be worried about impending wrinkles. A few fine lines may make you look like George Clooney but you overall should keep them to a minimum whether it’s by using the required grooming products or following a healthy diet plan for men. Here are some tips that you can follow to fight ageing signs and avoid wrinkles on your face.




1. Eat Appropriate Food:

Consume foods with anti ageing properties like nuts, berries, avocado, honey, and tomatoes. They have mineral and anti-oxidants that will you keep your skin supple and healthy. Following an appropriate diet plan for men is very important.



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2. Face Yoga:

Simple facial exercises where you need to spend hardly 20 minutes a day can greatly help your wrinkles and lines. It’s unusual exercise for men, and not one they’re usually recommended by their gym instructors but if you look up face yoga you’ll find a variety of simple exercises to do like applying light pressure to your forehead while sweeping your fingers outwards.



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3. Botox & Laser:

Botox, face-lifts, fillers, using laser to remove wrinkle lines are all common and minimally invasive surgery techniques to remove wrinkles. If you don’t think anything else is really working for you and you can’t live with the lines then surgery is always an option which you can experiment with.



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4. Skincare Regime:

Wash your face twice a day, moisturize well with a product that suits your skin, add a collagen boosting retinol cream to your regime, and gently massage your face regularly to stimulate blood flow and tighten the skin. With this sort of a regular regime you can put off your wrinkles for years or at least reduce them greatly.



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We recommend that you focus on your diet and exercise and you’ll manage to keep a relatively smooth face. Overall, women have to deal with this problem a lot more than men as men can usually get away with a few lines and still look as handsome as ever as many popular actors in the entertainment industry have proven time and again, so consider yourself lucky!