Try dry shampooing on a busy day

We are not asking you to do away with hair-washing completely, but to adopt some convenient options when you are running late in the morning, or need to go somewhere after the gym. Yes, we are talking about grooming products like Dry Shampoo, a non-wet remedy that comes in powder or spray form to help you clean your hair, but without water. This latest trend in men’s fashion styles is just a simple mixture of absorbing agents, aerosol propellants, solvents, conditioning agents and fragrance.

Here’s how dry shampoo can make your greasy, flat, even sweaty hair look presentable in a flash.

Try dry shampooing on a busy day

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1. It is a quick defence on a sultry day :

Dry shampoo helps you tame your mane in humid weather when your straight hair turns flat and lifeless. The atmospheric moisture creates limp locks in straight strands and frizz in the curly ones, and dry shampoo spray helps you shove these off.

It is a quick defence on a sultry day


2. Your hair wash mileage increases :

According to top 10 Indian fashion blogs, most of you shampoo your hair frequently to prevent the natural oils that cover your scalp and make your hair look matted and greasy. But if an everyday head-bath doesn’t agree with your hair texture, it’s wiser to remove the dirt and oil with dry shampoo.

Your hair wash mileage increases


3. It’s a great travel toiletry :

When on a business tour, you can’t hit an early morning meeting with water dripping from your head. But, you don’t even want to look like it’s your bad hair day. Dry shampoo is the perfect match for travellers, as it saves your time while keeping your hair fresh and shiny.

It’s a great travel toiletry

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4. You can use it overnight:

Dry shampoo your hair before bedtime if you don’t want to wake up to cowlicks and kinks. Liberally, apply the powder or spray all over your head and let it rest. And the time your alarm clock rings, the shampoo will arrest all the oils and dirt from your locks.

You can use it overnight

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If you don’t want to indulge in chemical dry shampoos, just mix baking soda with some water and apply it gently all over your head. Massage your scalp and rinse with water. Your hair will be as fresh as a rose!