Tricks to Grow A Healthy Moustache

Well, growing a moustache is no rocket science, if you know what we mean. You really just have to let it grow and resist the temptation of going snip-snip every time you hit a hurdle. The challenge, therefore, lies in successfully crossing the hurdles and problems that come with growing and nurturing a moustache. Let’s take a look.

Face Scrub:

What’s the connection between face scrub and growing a moustache, is probably what you’re wondering right now. A face scrub contains fine granules in it which aid in removing dead skin cells accumulating underneath your moustache or beard. The scrubbing action of a face scrub also comes in handy to release hair follicles trapped in skin pockets — namely in growth. Using a face scrub while you are trying to grow a moustache is highly recommended for a healthy growth of facial hair.




Moustache Comb:

A small, tiny moustache comb should do the trick of keeping the ‘tache’ in shape at all times. One problem that most men face while growing a tache is that the hair just doesn’t stay in place, thus giving a very unkempt look. Swipe through your tache every couple of hours and look presentable even when the hair is in the growing stage.





Dab just a drop of hair wax on to your moustache comb and then run through to even out the hair to settle it down. The wax will also help remove any knots and you can do away with any fluff in the tache in a jiffy. But remember not to take too much product on to your comb, or you’ll risk a very shiny and stiff moustache.




Trimming Tips:

Comb your moustache in the downward direction, towards the lips before trimming it. Keep in mind never to trim when the hair is wet. Hair tends to shrink back a bit when dry, so you might just snip off more than necessary when wet. The best thing to do is to hold the hair down with the help of a tache comb and then trim the excess.





If you have dry skin, chances are that you might be prone to developing moustache dandruff too. Ugh, right?! Best to take preventive measures. Take some time out and moisturise facial skin to avoid dandruff here. Cover your fingertips with moisturiser and lightly massage it into the skin beneath your beard and moustache. This will prevent skin from becoming dry and keep it supple.

Now that you’re familiar with some key tips to grow a healthy moustache, stock up on the above items and decide on what style you want to sport in the near future.