Top Winter Fragrances Of 2014

Whether it is an elegant fragrance or a trendy label, a perfume portrays the personality of the individual. With the right perfume you can heat up a cool winter evening and be the centre of attraction at any party.

Perfume choices can range from light woodsy fragrances and spicy scents to deep musky aromas. Winter fragrances for men are powerful and long lasting with a strong smell. As they use heavy scents as the base note, they impart that sexy masculine quality to any guy and make him quite irresistible.

There are thousands of perfumes in the market and the choice is difficult. But here are three of the top trending choices for the winter of 2014.

One Million by Paco Rabanne:




With its perfect blend of cinnamon extracts and tangy fruity fragrances, One Million is the top and most sought after cologne for men this winter.

The freshness of grapefruit combines with the blend of mint and blood mandarin to give a fruity top note. The middle notes with the combination of rose, cinnamon and spices have an assertive feel while the base notes have the velvety and seductive harmony of leather, amber, white wood, and patchouli essences.

The iconic bottle representing a simple yet breathtakingly beautiful bar of gold is an absolute must have on your shelf!

Gucci Pour Home by Gucci:




Backed by the luxurious heritage of the House of Gucci, Gucci Pour Hommewith its warm intense scent combines classic masculine appeal with cool, contemporary elegance. It contains warm notes of spices, woods, and amber giving the cologne a wintery feel.

The top notes have the crisp freshness of cypress and calone combined with the timeless appeal of violet and bergamot. The middle notes have the heady combination of leather, tobacco and amber. The base notes are completed with the woody scents of patchouli and cedarwood.

If you are looking for a smoky fragrance that gives you that confident, masculine and refined aura, go in for Gucci Pour Homme.

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb:




The Spicebomb is an exclusive perfume and is going to be one of the most sought after fragrances this winter. The bottle is shaped like a grenade hinting at an explosion of fragrances which it indeed is…tobacco infused amber with a hint of spice. It is powerful, sensual and decidedly audacious.

The perfume explodes with the zesty fresh notes of bergamot, grapefruit and pink peppers followed by the addictive middle notes of incandescent spices and ending with the masculine base note of tobacco, leather and vetiver. With its addictive and seductive appeal, V & R Spicebomb is a must have in your collection this winter.