Top 6 Soccer Stars With The Coolest Hairstyle Ever

From setting the latest fashion trends for men to cool new hairstyles, football stars are the trendsetter of fashion and style all over the world. There have been many iconic soccer players who had an astonishing skill set and were famous for their trendy haircuts, but we have compiled a list of top six footballers who are famous globally for their talent and marvellous hairstyles.

1. David Beckham’s short spikes :

This superstar from England has got to be one of the most popular soccer sensations ever. David Beckham was incredibly famous for two things his free kicks and hairstyles. Over the years Beckham experimented with numerous hairstyles but his short spike cut was arguably one of his best looks ever.

David Beckham's short spikes


2. Andrea Pirlo’s side part with long layers :

This gifted Italian professional footballer was one of the best playmakers in his time. Famous for his passing and ball control Pirlo was one of the greatest players Italy has ever produced. Besides his astounding technique, he was also famous for his hairstyle. Although he didn’t believe in experimenting much with his hair, his classic side part style with long layers still became iconic and is preferred by many.

Andrea Pirlo's side part with long layers


3. Cristiano Ronaldo’s head spikes :

Cristiano Ronaldo is a special talent from Portugal with an amazing set of skills, and for many, he is the best player in the world right now. Besides his abilities, the Portuguese superstar is also very famous for his hairstyles, one of his best and longest kept hairstyles are the head spikes.

Cristiano Ronaldo's head spikes


4. Lionel Messi’s faux hawk :

The Argentine forward who plays his club football for Fc Barcelona is one of the most talented players ever to play the game. Although more famous for his lightning-fast dribbles, he is also quite popular worldwide for his adorable appearance and trendy haircuts. One of his trendiest hairstyles ever is the faux hawk.

Lionel Messi's faux hawk


5. Neymar’s mohawk :

Neymar is a rising superstar who is widely regarded as the next big thing in the Brazilian football today. Although still very young in this short span of time, Neymar has tried many different hairstyles with his mohawk look being the best.

Neymar's mohawk


6. Antoine Griezmann :

The golden boot winner of the UEFA euro 2016 Antoine Griezmann is a French sensation who plays his club football for Atletico Madrid. Famous for his goal-scoring ability and innovative hairstyles Griezmann has become a fashion icon globally. One of his famous mens new style haircut is the classic side part.

Antoine Griezmann