Top 5 Hairstyles To Look For In Fifa World Cup 2018

Hairstyles define a footballer’s personality on the ground that is the reason why most celebrity footballers keep experimenting with their looks. Right from the legends like David Beckham to FIFA 2018 hottest players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Sergio Ramos and David de Gea all have worn eye-catching hairstyles.

1. Neymar look:

This young Brazilian is the coolest footballer in FIFA 2018, his hairstyles have always been popular among the football fanatics. Irrespective of the team you support, you just cannot ignore the trendiest undercut of Neymar that is not just modish but completely low on maintenance.



2. Cristiano Ronaldo look:

Before you opt for a mohawk, quiff or a comb-over this football season, you got to check out the latest hairstyle of this most stylish player on the ground. Ronaldo is known to be uncompromising with his looks on or off the field you will always find him in absolute stunning personality that dominates over all the other players in the competition.



3. David de Gea look:

If you are really serious about football, you ought to follow this hipster in FIFA 2018 World Cup. In last World Cup, his famous man-bun became the new trend in fashion for men with famous celebrities like Zac Efron and Leonardo di Caprio sporting that men new style at times.



4. Sergio Ramos look:

This man is attracting all eyeballs in FIFA 2018 World Cup not only because he is leading the Spanish national team as a captain and a central defender but also for his recently cross-breeded haircut that combines features of both the popular crew cut and the stylish Caesar’s cut. Try out this hairstyle if you want to look energetic and alluring like Sergio on the ground.



5. Manuel Neuer look:

Manuel is one of most notable footballer in the world, who is known to have a great sense of cutting. Manuel tends to show up with uncomplicated hairstyle that looks stunning as well as polished. If you want to look cool yet practical, go in for this style during FIFA 2018 World Cup.

2824-Manuel-Neuer Hairstyle