Top 3 Types Of Scents For Men

Wearing a good fragrance is a necessity for both men and women as body odor can have a negative impact their personality. Body odor can make a person self-conscious and reduce their confidence. Although both men and women have an identical number of perspiration glands, men usually sweat more than women. More sweat means more dilemma of body odor for men. To counter this problem here is a list of top three types of trending scents for men.

Citrus fragrance

Citrus fragrance – This type of fragrance is very refreshing and makes an individual feel lively. This type of aromas is among the best smelling scents for men in India. Citrus fragrances are ideal for office goers and people who stay out in the sun.



Woody fragrances

Woody fragrances – Woody aromas are ideal for people who like mild yet lasting fragrances. This type of aromas is widely used by people who perform regular gym workout for men and have a tendency to sweat heavily.



Oceanic fragrances

Oceanic fragrances – These are relatively new to some other fragrances but have quickly gained a substantial following due to their unique and refreshing aroma. These types of fragrances are ideal for people who want to appear for something important like an official meeting or conference.