Top 3 Fragrances For Indian Ethnic Menswear

The Diwali season in India is associated with three things sweets, lights, and ethnic clothing. People buy the fanciest decorative lights for their houses and most individuals during this period prefer to wear traditional outfits according to the latest fashion for men in India. Most men end up doing everything right but sometimes they miss out on an essential aspect of styling, a quality fragrance. To help them out here is a list of top three trending quality fragrances which are perfect for men’s ethnic wear this season.


1. He Respect :

This product from the Emami brand is arguably one of the best selling deodorants in India currently. Its aroma is pretty amazing and lasts for a prolonged duration of time which makes it a perfect choice for everyone to try this festive season. It is also one of the most cost-effective products in its category available in the market today.



2. Park Avenue good morning :

This product has been around for a considerable amount of time it’s pretty decent. It is reasonably priced and it’s fragrance lasts for a fair duration of time which makes it a nice product to try during family outings this season.



3. Brut originals :

Another nice fragrance to try this festive season with traditional outfits. This product is somewhat expensive as compared to the other two but makes up for it as its aroma is quite pleasing and lasts for a moderate amount of time.