Top 3 Beard Trends For Men This Diwali

Diwali is the biggest celebration of the year for people in India and all the arrangements are made beforehand to celebrate this epic festival. This is that time of the year during which every individual wants to appear attractive and appealing. During this festive season, even the laziest of guys try to get in touch with the latest fashion trends for men. To help out the lazy folks here are some trending beard styles to try this Diwali season.

1. Curly mustache and short beard :

This style of beard have gained a lot of popularity among the generation z recently. This kind of beard offers an individual with a royal look. The main noticeable aspect of this stylish beard is the curly mustache which looks unique and trendy. A new trend in fashion for men is to apply beard wax to keep the beard hair styled for a long duration.

Curly mustache and short beard


2. Anchor beard :

This super trendy style is ideal for anyone who doesn’t like a lot of facial hair around their cheeks. This kind of beard suits most faces and looks good even on people with thin facial hair. The anchor beard is also relatively easy to maintain as compared to some other styles.

Anchor beard


3. Short tapered beard :

This classic beard style when done properly can look pretty amazing almost on anyone. This kind of beard offers an individual with a manly appearance. This is a moderate maintenance beard as it requires an individual to do regular trimming to keep the beard looking sharp and defined.

Short tapered beard