Toothbrush Hygiene Mistakes You Need To Know About

We get it: You are a cleanliness freak and want everything to be spic and span. And, even if you are not a devotee of all-things clean, you still want to keep your personal hygiene in order.

Despite making repeated efforts to keep the WC clean, replacing dental and grooming products periodically and giving the bathroom a complete wash every now and then, germs are hard to kill.




And as far as dental hygiene is concerned, there’s always room for improvement. Take your toothbrush, for instance. Are you sure you are not making any mistakes as far as it is concerned? Yes?

We don’t think so.

1. Distance Between The Toilet & Toothbrush:

Yeah. How much is it? 2 feet? 3 feet? Well, it should be at least 6 feet – and if the distance is more than that, there is nothing like it. Did you know that faecal matter and other microbes can easily travel and settle on the toothbrush’s bristles, if the two commodities are placed too close to each other? Imagine putting that in your mouth? Gross, right?



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2. Toothpaste Has Disinfecting Properties (NOT):

It doesn’t! The only thing it disinfects is your mouth and not your toothbrush. So if you think your toothbrush is also getting a nice, long wash while brushing, then you are sadly mistaken. Also, our mouth contains millions of dirty microbes that may get stuck on the toothbrush. Clean your tooth brush with your hand once you are done with your daily oral business.




3. Using A Plastic Holder For Toothbrush:

What makes you think that a plastic holder is a safe place for your brush? It is not! In fact, by doing so, you are only creating an environment for lots of germs to settle down on the bristles. That is very dangerous for you and can cause a number of infections. So, avoid doing this.



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4. Microwave Or Boil Toothbrush To Sterilize It:

No, please don’t do that. That is the silliest thing a person can ever do. Your toothbrush is not like a baby’s milk bottle that gets sterilized with just boiling water. Studies have shown that microwaving a plastic toothbrush puts people at a risk of getting exposed to bisphenol a major reason behind cancer.




Most toothbrushes are made of plastic, nylon and silicone. And using unnatural ways to clean them is like exposing yourself to major diseases. So, the next time you feel your toothbrush is getting dirty, bin it and start using a new one.