To Manscape or Not

That indeed is the question. Science says men with a decent amount of body hair has been attractive since the days of the cavemen, but your girlfriend is asking you to shave that mess off your chest? Quite a pickle!




Are Men Really Shaving Their Bodies?

The act of pruning a man’s body hair is becoming more and more mainstream, with some of our hottest actors and celebrities opting for a smooth, hairless look (with bulging abs!).



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But Times Have Changed Now

With the metro sexual revolution, manscaping is not only appreciated but also expected. Women now want men to trim and shave wherever required and for better or for worse, men are now cleaner and smoother than ever.


What Should Be Shaved:

It seems that the first thing men got interested in was shaving their nether regions. After that became a trend, everything else seemed fair game, so hairless or trimmed underarms and chests started popping up at beach parties.

Clean shaven legs and arms is still not a standard, with women liking a bit of fur to play with. That said, if you have patches of hair or a really thick bush that refuses to stay down, trim it.



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Degrees Of Manscaping:

Pretty much all of a man’s body is covered in hair so it depends on your personal choice where all you want to clean up. Most models have hardly a hair on their bodies and they look pretty good!

In general, however, women find men with some amount of body hair manlier than their smoother brothers. That said, no one wants a man who looks like he has an all season coat growing on him

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Shaving vs Trimming:

If you have more than average body hair, but don’t feel comfortable removing it all, then do everyone a favour and have a go at it with a trimmer.


You’ll still have your layer of protection, but without the unsightly hair messing up your game. If you can go bolder though, there are some places like your back where you can do away with hair completely. If you have too much hair on your hands and feet, then trimming there would be advisable too.




When it comes to bodily hair, the golden rule is to be well groomed. Don’t let hair grow beyond what you can handle, make sure you moisturise well, and have use body sensitive soaps and shower gel!


These are just social trends as of now and not fixed rules. It depends a lot on yours and your partner’s preference. You’ll find your look as you figure out the rest of your life, by trial and error!