Tips To Protect Your Skin From Harmful Holi Colours

Even though the “festival of colours” is almost 10 days away, everyone has already started making plans for the same. Holi is a beautiful occasion where people mingle with friends and family, indulge in yummy sweets, dance on Bollywood numbers and yes, play with colours.




However, there is one drawback of Holi: The use harmful chemicals in the dry colours. They invariably negatively impact the skin and in worse circumstances, even cause cancer and blindness. While playing Holi is tempting enough, you can’t take chances with your body.

Keeping that in mind, we present to you four tips to protect your skin from the harmful effects of Holi colours:


1. Oil The Whole Body:

Yes! Every inch, every part of it. From hair and face to exposed hands and feet – make sure you oil yourself properly. Use coconut, olive or mustard oil to protect yourself from the chemicals. Parts such as the earlobes and areas between the toes and fingers should also be oil. Be generous while applying oil on your body. You will be surprised to know how quickly the colours come off later.




2. Cover Your Entire Body:

Scan through your wardrobe and pick up something that covers your entire legs and arms. Don’t run after festive fashion trends here. Be practical. Opt for a full-sleeves t-shirt and an old, faded pair of jeans. Avoid sleeveless tees and shorts. The more covered you are, the lesser chances are there of you getting completely smeared with dry Holi colours.



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3. Wear Sunglasses:

If you have a pair of sunglasses you don’t wear anymore, use that. Otherwise, buy cheap ones from the market. This is for the protection of your eyes. You will remain unharmed even if you are bombarded with water balloons or pichakaris. Avoid the trouble of seeing an optometrist for eye irritation. Play safe. Protect your eyes.




4. Keep Yourself Hydrated:

Drink lots of water and juices to keep your hydrated at all times. Dehydration makes the skin dry, which later combines with harsh chemicals and seeps deep into the skin. The worst part is most people don’t even come to know about the chemicals in their body till they fall terribly sick.



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Holi is meant to be enjoyed without any fear of harming the body. Take necessary precautions to protect yourself. Have an awesome playing session with your dear ones. Ask them to follow these steps too for a happy and safe Holi!