Tips To Maintain Pubic Hygiene

Pubic hygiene is a very important part of your personal hygiene, even though it might not get the a lot of lime light and mention in discussions, due to sex related talks being a taboo is India. Pubic hygiene is not just important for a better sex life, but it is also equally necessary to keep your over-all health in good shape. Ignoring pubic hygiene can often lead to infection and diseases that may become a reason for discomfort and embarrassment for you. Here are a few tips you can follow to maintain pubic hygiene.


Tips to Maintain Pubic Hygiene

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1. Wash Regularly:

Bathing doesn’t mean just shampooing and lathering your legs, chest, and arms. Cleaning and washing your pubes is also a very critical part of a bath. No shower is complete unless you clean your pubes too. Even on days you don’t bath, make sure you clean and wash your pubic areas properly. Also, be very careful about the soap you use. You must make sure that your pubic areas are not allergic to the soap you use.


Wash Regularly


2. Wash Hands:

Never touch your pubic regions with your dirty hands. Consider them as sensitive as your face, and just like you never touch your face with dirty hands, follow the same with your pubes. Wash your hands before you touch your pubes and also wash them after you touch your pubes. Use a good hand wash for this purpose. For cases when you are in a situation where no water is available, carry a small bottle of sanitizer with you regularly.


Wash hands
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3. Don’t Wear Dirty Underwear:

Quite a few number of men have the habit of repeating their undergarments. If you too have the same habit, then end it now. It is not just gross, but it also puts the hygeine of your pubic region at great risk. Even on days when you don’t take bath or don’t change clothes, you must change your underwear without fail.


Don’t wear dirty underwear


4. Trim Your Pubic Hair Regularly:

Unkempt and unmaintained pubic hair often gets infested with lice. This is a very dangerous and awkward situation, and certainly nobody would want to be confronted with a situation like this. To avoid this problem, it is best that you trim your pubic hair from time to time, and keep a check on any kind of dandruff formation or any sign of lice in your pubic hair.


Trim your pubic hair regularly

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Pubic hygiene is an effective remedy to promote healthier living. The only way we can achieve a healthy society is by building a strong foundation of personal hygiene. If the latter is taken care of, the former will automatically fall in place. So go ahead and give these hygiene practices a try!