Tips for the perfect Moustache!

A well maintained moustache is the best fashion accessory a man can carry. With a growing number of male celebrities sporting the fuzz, the impressive trend seems to be here to stay. So here are three tips that will help you rock the look!

Use Hair Products:

Facial hair is similar to the hair on your head, just coarser. Use the same shampoo and conditioner that you use for your head on your moustache. Shampoo helps keep it clean. Don’t forget conditioning; it makes your facial hair softer and easier to maintain. Let the conditioner sit for a while before you wash it off. Be sure to rinse thoroughly. You can also use hair care products like certain oils and hair gels which can help with maintaining it. Apart from this, there are also products available specifically for facial hair which you can invest in.




Comb It:

According to your requirement use a fine toothed or wide toothed comb. Use a moustache comb to remove debris and dry skin. Always comb your moustache in the direction it grows. This keeps your beard tangle-free and helps achieve a neat, balanced trim. Combing also reveals hair which is longer than others.




Trim It:

There are two ways in which you can go about trimming your moustache. An electric trimmer is fine for the stray hair at the edges of your face. You can use it to give shape to your moustache. Do not trim wet hair because wet hair looks longer. When you’re done trimming it, it might be smaller than what you perceived. Alternatively, you can use a pair of scissors and a comb. With scissors, you are not as likely to cut off more of the hair than you intended. You can also invest in a set of clippers for your moustache.




Taking care of your facial hair also involves taking care of yourself. Eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep are integral to the health of your facial hair.