Three Shaving Mistakes to Avoid

Are you one of those who are still elusive to the perfect shave? Very few men know how to have a perfect shave. Some of them still struggle with the nicks and cuts, razor burns. Maybe there are few areas where you are doing it wrong. Here are three shaving mistakes that most men make. Follow the tips along with it will help save your neck from the razor torture.




Skipping the Prep Up

Only few realize how important it is to prep up the skin before shaving. The truth is it all begins before the shave. Idea is to soften the beard so that shaving becomes relaxed, which is why the best way to soften it is having a warm water shower. The hot water from the shower will hydrate and soften your beard just enough for shaving. Another great way to soften your whiskers is to use a hot towel treatment. Even using a pre-shave oil or conditioner will soften the hair follicles. Using pre- shave product helps to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hair but also aids in a smoother shave.




Shaving Aggressively

If you think applying more pressure will give you a better save, then you are absolutely wrong. But the harder your press the skin, more prone it will be to nicks, cut and razor burns. Also shave with the grain and angle the blade as far as away from your face as possible. Also trim your beard if the hair growth is long as it will help you have a closer shave.




Skipping Post Shave Care

It is best to close the pores by rinsing off with cold water. Also treat your face to a nice moisturizer and aftershave. Moisturizing helps in relaxing and energizing while an aftershave helps reduce any irritation that the skin may undergo. Together, they leave your skin looking fresh and young. However, to avoid drying your skin, make sure to keep away from alcohol-based aftershaves.




The trick to mastering the art of perfect shaving can be achieved by using the right products and putting in a bit of effort. That’s all you’ll ever need.