Things You Need To Know About Growing Your Hair

Is your head starting to show bald spots? Or maybe your locks just aren’t that thick anymore or don’t grow fast enough. With age, hair deterioration is not unusual, but if you keep a good hair grooming routine and use the right grooming products, you can prevent lessening of hair growth and even grow thicker and shinier hair. Here are some basic tips for healthy hair:




1. Keep Your Scalp Clean:

For whatever reason, if your scalp isn’t clean and has dandruff, lice or even just excess dirt and oiliness, it is going to be very harmful for your hair. Your scalp should be healthy and you should wash your hair regularly. If you have lice or dandruff, you should immediately use some products made for these problems and consult a doctor if they still persist. These infections in your scalp can cause hair loss, and make your hair look lack lustre.



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2.Use The Right Shampoo:

You may not be too concerned about what shampoo you are picking up but it does matter. You should select a shampoo based on what you require- be it anti-dandruff, anti-hair fall, etc., and you should try out a few different brands when deciding how to groom your hair.



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3. Oil Regularly:

Washing your hair regularly is necessary, but along with dirt, it often washes off the natural oils that your scalp produces.This leads to a dry scalp which in turn leads to a host of its own problems. Oiling your hair once a week with natural cod liver or coconut oil is very beneficial. Leave it for a few hours at least before washing it off.If you’re looking to try out the latest fashion trends of colouring or streaking hair, oiling can help retain quality.



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4. Brush Your Hair Regularly:

Brushing your hair twice a day doesn’t only make it look shiny and neat, but also massages your scalp and improves the blood circulation in your head. With increased blood circulation, your roots become stronger and it helps prevent hair loss and also keeps your hair healthy.



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So follow these absolute basics to keep your hair healthy and lustrous. It’s just a little bit of extra effort but it goes a long way in making your hair thick and shining.