The Perfect Skin Care Regime For The Man On The Go

Being a working man, it’s highly likely that you are able to take out time to take care of your skin. But having clean, well-taken-of care skin can be the difference between creating a great impression or just a great memory you’re no longer part of! Here are some basic tips to help you take care of your skin which won’t take up too much of your time.




1. Shave & Aftershave:

This is an important part of almost every working man’s daily routine. In the corporate world, most of you prefer to keep your face clean and professional looking. Depending on your skin type, you may find yourself prone to razor burn, ingrown hair and other irritations. To prevent this you must apply a good aftershave and moisturizer after shaving. Shaving is important not just to get your facial hair under control but it also helps to rid your face of dry, dead skin cells. This is good for your skin but also leaves the face more vulnerable. Aftershave protects your fresh skin and it also calms irritations.



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2. Cleanse:

Always use a face wash specifically designed for men. Don’t get lazy and use any face wash lying around the house, or god forbid, regular soap! You should wash your face at least twice a day, in the morning and before bed. This will allow your skin to heal and breathe overnight and it is preferable to use warm water.



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3. Toner & Astringent:

Many of you may avoid this as you think it’s an extra step and isn’t really required in your skin care regime. However these products are made for an important reason. When you wash your face, your skin’s pH balance is changed because of the products you apply. By using a toner or astringent you make your skin more resistant to pollutants and contaminations in the air. They restore your skin’s balance and help close the pores. They also tighten your skin and are especially useful more men with oily skin.



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4. Moisturize:

One of the most important steps in any skin care regime is to moisturize. Regardless of your skin type, even if it is oily, moisturizing is an absolute must. You just need to select the correct moisturizer. Most men’s products are designed for all skin types, and you should massage a small amount on your face and neck after cleansing your face.



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So there it is, just a few daily steps and your skin care will be on point.

You just need to find the correct products for your skin type and you are good to go!