The Perfect Hair Dos For This Wedding Season

Getting ready for a wedding is much simpler for guys than for the ladies but there is still preparation to be done. After deciding on the formal wear ensemble and bachelor party location, the last detail is hair. Here are a few hairstyles for perfecting your look this wedding season-


1.The buzz:

The shortest men’s hairstyle, the buzz can be a formal hairstyle. Trimming hair so it is a touch longer on top than the sides gives the cut more shape. Or square the hairline with a line up. Short hairstyles are easy to style for everyday and special events. This is a classic look that works for every occasion. Just work a dab of light to medium hold product through almost dry hair and work hair up with fingers to add volume and texture.



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2.Casual Tousled:

If your style is tousled and textured, stick with that. Plenty of male celebrities choose the messy look for the red carpet so it’s a proven formal hairstyle. This wedding beard is also freshly groomed so hair is one length all over and it blends well with sideburns.



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3.Slick to perfection:

For a formal men’s hairstyle for short hair, try this almost slicked back hair. The style has a similar silhouette as the slick back without the length. To style, work hair up and back. A blow dryer can help get more volume and achieve a long lasting look.



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4.Clean undercut:

There is no reason not to wear a men’s hairstyle trend to a wedding. Here’s an undercut styled for the tux with matte slicked back hair for a classic cut with modern edge. It looks cool today and years later will still look awesome in photos.



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For guys in formal wear, hair is one of the few ways to distinguish yourself so have fun with it. As long as you are clean and clean cut, every hairstyle can be suitable for a formal occasion.