The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Hair Gel

Hair gel is one of the essential grooming products for a lot of men. If you are one of them, or are considering using hair gel now, here is a list of basic do’s and don’ts when it comes to using hair gel:




1. Dry Hair vs. Wet Hair:

Whether you should apply hair gel to wet hair or dry hair depends on whether you plan on letting your hair air dry or if you’re going to blow-dry it. If you’re letting it air dry, then apply the hair gel while your hair is still wet from the shower. If you plan on blow-drying, then you can use the hair gel after it is dry.



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2. Amount to Use:

If you aren’t too familiar with using hair gel, then take a small amount first, just a coin sized dab, and rub it between your fingers. Run your fingers throw your hair to spread it evenly according to the fashion styles you want. You can always add more hair gel if you feel it’s less, but if you’ve used too much by mistake then you’ll have to wash out your hair and start all over again.



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3. Frequency of Use:

No matter what the latest trend in fashion is, using hair gel daily is a big no-no. Hair gel contributes to the wear and tear of hair, and can make it brittle and dry, and even lead to hair loss. It can also have side effects like dandruff, and other reactions if you have a sensitive scalp. So keep your hair gel usage to a minimum.



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4. Washing it Out:

It is imperative to wash out your hair the following day after using hair gel. The longer you leave in the product, the more damage it will cause. Even if your hair looks fine the next day, you shouldn’t leave the gel on.



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So these are some basic pointers when it comes to using hair gel. It definitely adds to your look if you know how to groom hair properly, but it can also cause damage to your hair, so only use it on special occasions to keep your hair healthy.