The Best Ways For Men To Match Your Socks With Wardrobe

Choosing the pair of right socks with the wardrobe is a struggle for many men, too much of thinking and opinions just add on to the puzzlement. We are here to save you from the over thinking and provide you with the straight answers to styling problems of men.

1. Avoid bright pair of socks:

Most men believe that wearing a bright pair of sock is the latest men’s fashion trends, but the reality is far from this belief. You need to blend the color of the socks with the color of your trousers especially in the formal settings where you are dealing with collogues one-on-one. Even at your workstation if you often sit cross-legged, you will have to stick to the rule of blending the socks colors with your pants.



2. Refer to color styling grids:

The easiest way to choose an outfit of the day is by referring to the styling grids. Ideally, you should have “the color wheel” picture on your mobile for reference; always prefer to wear complementary colors over the contrasting ones. You can always have an exception by wearing monotone colors like all-black or all-grey. You will have to match the color of your socks with the trousers.



3. If confused, tone it up:

If you do not have exact color of socks, simple way out is to either have a shade darker or lighter than the trouser you are planning to wear. For example, if you are planning to wear a light grey suit, the new trend in fashion for men you can either go for charcoal colored socks or in the worst possible scenario white socks.



4. Wear patterns with casuals:

You can wear flamboyant colors and designs with casuals, especially with shorts. You need to note that the textured styles highlight the appeal, you simply need to combine them with rugged materials such as denim, leather or tweed.



5. Be Bold, go sockless:

According to the current fashion trends for men avoid wearing socks with sneakers or even with brogues at almost all casual occasions. This rule is mandatory when you are wearing shorts, you need to choose comfier washable shoes that can absorb your sweat and can also be regularly washed.