The 3 Best Deodorants For Diwali Gifts For Men

Diwali the most awaited festival of Indians is just a few days away and preparations for this mega celebration are done well in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles. During this festive occasion, people do a lot of shopping for themselves according to mens new style and buy gifts for their loved ones. Many people prefer presenting a set of quality deodorants to their dear ones as a fragrance is an impeccable part of styling for both men and women. Here is a list of top 3 best smelling deodorants in India for men that are one of the best gifts this Diwali season.


1. He deodorants :

These deodorants from the Emami brand are currently the bestselling deodorants for men in India and a perfect gift for men this festive season. There are many classy fragrances that this brand offers like the He respect, He power, He artic etc. The unique thing about their fragrances is that they are mild yet they last for a prolonged duration of time. The price range offered by the Emami brand is also pocket-friendly.

He deodorants


Fogg deodorants :

This is a relatively new product as compared to some other brands. The Fogg deodorants are reasonably priced and have a pleasant aroma which has made this brand gain a decent following. The best fragrances offered by the Fogg brand are Fogg dynamic, Fogg napoleon, and Fogg royal etc.

Fogg deodorants


Axe deodorants :

This product from the Hindustan Unilever has been around for a long time now. The Axe is one of the oldest brands in this category and has gained a substantial following but recently they are facing a tough challenge from other rival brands. There are many pleasant fragrances that are offered by this vintage brand like Axe dark temptation, Axe shock, Axe boost etc.

Axe deodorants