Struggles Every Man With Long Hair Faces

It’s not easy for a man to maintain long tresses! From awkward job interviews to being constantly nagged by parents and mocked by friends to being assumed as a lady—a man with long hair has a lot to endure!




Adding to the train of problems and annoying questions, here are some struggles that a man flaunting enviably long hair can certainly understand:


1. You’re A Hippie!:

As far as men are concerned, our society assumes that a man with long hair is a hippie or a bohemian! It is taken for granted that he believes in the hippie fashion. However, such is not the case!



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2. Shaving Is Tough:

When you have long hair, shaving becomes a task! Why? Because you invariably end up with more foam on your head than your face, no matter how hard you try to shave properly.




3. “When Are You Getting A Haircut?”:

This is one question that is asked by everyone you know. The problem is that they all pose this question casually. But for you, it’s more like a taunt, something you don’t want to hear frequently!



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4. “Are You A Metal head?”:

And, your first reaction is, “what? No!”. We don’t blame them for asking you this, given that most metal rock artists do have long hairs. But the fact that you are assumed to be a fan of this genre, even when you are not, is annoying!




5. Tangled Hair:

Waking up with tangled hair is your worst nightmare! And most days, it does come true. Tousled hair is hard to control and as much as you love your tresses, combing them becomes a taskyou certainly hate!



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6. Rocking A Ponytail:

Well, tying your hair in a ponytail does sound easy, isn’t it? However, it is not so! Even if your intention is to look like a complete stud, you might end up looking like a complete dork—and that’s a fashion faux pas!


The struggles are petty but the fight is worth it as long as you are able to follow whichever trend you wish to follow. Maintaining long hair is tough but if you are able to do it like a champ, then you deserve a hearty round of applause!